The Pleiades

by Amy Lowell

Amy Lowell

By day you cannot see the sky

For it is up so very high.

You look and look, but it's so blue

That you can never see right through.

But when night comes it is quite plain,

And all the stars are there again.

They seem just like old friends to me,

I've known them all my life you see.

There is the dipper first, and there

Is Cassiopeia in her chair,

Orion's belt, the Milky Way,

And lots I know but cannot say.

One group looks like a swarm of bees,

Papa says they're the Pleiades;

But I think they must be the toy

Of some nice little angel boy.

Perhaps his jackstones which to-day

He has forgot to put away,

And left them lying on the sky

Where he will find them bye and bye.

I wish he'd come and play with me.

We'd have such fun, for it would be

A most unusual thing for boys

To feel that they had stars for toys!