Rapture -- To Laura

by Friedrich von Schiller

Friedrich von Schiller

From earth I seem to wing my flight,

And sun myself in Heaven's pure light,

When thy sweet gaze meets mine

I dream I quaff ethereal dew,

When my own form I mirrored view

In those blue eyes divine!

Blest notes from Paradise afar,

Or strains from some benignant star

Enchant my ravished ear:

My Muse feels then the shepherd's hour

When silvery tones of magic power

Escape those lips so dear!

Young Loves around thee fan their wings--

Behind, the maddened fir-tree springs,

As when by Orpheus fired:

The poles whirl round with swifter motion,

When in the dance, like waves o'er Ocean,

Thy footsteps float untired!

Thy look, if it but beam with love,

Could make the lifeless marble move,

And hearts in rocks enshrine:

My visions to reality

Will turn, if, Laura, in thine eye

I read--that thou art mine!