Almost Sylvia.

by Laura Salmon

Dark shade of blue,

50 percent chance though.

Austrian/German descent,
Not at all similar but still European.

The men that we loved to hate.

Poet and writer,
The things we could do with our hands.

For a cure we could never find.

Speech of a hidden agenda.

Because I daren’t go the way she went,

About Laura Salmon

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I have been a keen writer and reader of poetry for the last 8 years., I grew up in North Lincolnshire with my family., I am now 21 and in the final semester of my undergrad degree., I have had several pieces published in the past., My poetry is often concerned with the many aspects of the human conditon, and world and political situations such as the war., Aside from my degree and poetry I am a horserider and I compete regularly with my horse Jayde!