Those Moments In Time

I can't stand this affliction.
I lost what I loved-
I lost those moments in time.

Remember this my friends,
if you're in love
with a moment in time,
it's bound to be a losing game.
Yet we all do it.
We do it to make memories.

I don't know if I am strange.
(Or am I just different?)
Because how can I love
and hate the same thing?

I used to love them-
those moments in time.
Yet now I hate them (or do I?)
Because of the pain
their memories bring.

I can't help but wonder,
are not the people in our lives
just moments in time?
I can't decide.

Soon I bid my adieu,
my dear world.
But I'll be happy.
Knowing that I live on,
as someone else's moments in time.

Flerovium 114

Abel Viji George's picture

My name is Abel Viji George., I'm from Kerala, India., I'm currently 18 years old., I love writing poems because that's one way to escape the harsh reality and live in a world where anything is possible., I write under the name Flerovium 114

Last updated November 05, 2022