A Poet's Privilege

If I use these words to bare the soul
For all this world to see,
And if with this pen,
tell all societies secrets
Leave it be, it is my will

And I may criticize everything
All that I see,
tearing down faulty structures,
others have built

Audacity is the license of my skill

And if with my writing I seek to touch your innermost being
To capture the heart,
stir mind and enthuse spirit
And coerce and convince you to believe along with me -

It is my art...
Do not fault me

And if my words so few should succeed
To move, provoke
and induce feelings new
Or express what you had longed to share

Just dub me a sage
and give me my due

A Million More Nights to Go

Monique Kwachou's picture

Monique Kwachou is an African poet. Her first collection of verse, "Writing Therapy" was published under Langaa Rpcig. Her second collection of verse, "A Million More Nights To Go" will be published by C&F Publishing in 2013.

Last updated July 14, 2015