I'll Be Back Home Before Dawn

I remember the sun rising
Through hills like giant jaws
And the woodcutter slicing
in the forest with his saws
and the fresh mountain air
that's so very fine
which stands up on end your hair
and sends a chill down your spine

But now in this war torn land
in all this strife
mauled bodies, a broken hand
lying around
an unmarked mound
but in my mind
there is a glimmer of life

we're ordered to go over the top
against the ruthless guns
the cavalary's hooves clip-clop
as i eat a bun
which the pack o' rat
got at

Amidst the rotting and decay
I think of my home miles away
Amidst a metal hailstorm
I remember the rainstorm
And the rainbow that came with it

But if one bullet has my name;
If one shell ends my (insignificant) fame;
If gas silences me forever;
And if I may wake again-never;
If one explosion rips me a-parts;
And blows me away:a hundred parts;

I'll be back home before dawn.

Abubakr Jamal's picture

Born in 1997 in New Delhi, India, Abubakr Jamal spent his early years in Seattle, USA. A prodigious reader, Abubakr's poems focus on the human condition. He currently resides in Chennai, India

Last updated January 05, 2018