Minaret Memories of a Sunset

The birds are lazily cheeping
Into burrows animals are creeping
As day merges into night
I watch the last rays of light,
And I think
Will the Sun rise tomorrow?
Bringing joy to sorrow
Or will we be dead by then,
You can never tell with us men.
As coolness takes over warmth’
Darkness takes over light.
For with every good there will be harm
Impeding our sight.
But far from the rat-race
In a lonely minaret of a mosque
I see the sunset’s glimmering face,
And as night comes, I descend the stairs,
Feeling satisfied.

Abubakr Jamal's picture

Born in 1997 in New Delhi, India, Abubakr Jamal spent his early years in Seattle, USA. A prodigious reader, Abubakr's poems focus on the human condition. He currently resides in Chennai, India

Last updated January 05, 2018