A Toast To Nations

Nations and nationalities, you are not chocolate,
you are the sweetest Jam cooked from bitter labour!
You are the original egg, the supreme cause of war and peace!
You are the homeland of the rising sun and moon.
You are the cameras recording
from all angles the smashed egg. You know everything,
but have no one to add it all up,
so I'm glad that you're both there and not there,
I see you and I don't see you.
Nations and nationalities,
self-love is the caries of the soul.
What enterprise of violent death
wants to remain unpunished?
Nations, have you inquired of each other's health?
Have you dreamt of a homeland
where the sun and moon do not rise,
a homeland without the vain pride of the envious,
a homeland without sexual gymnastics,
a homeland without boxing money,
have you dreamt of the homeland as a full glass
of love with no jealousy?!
Long live the full glass of love without jealousy!


Admiral Mahic's picture

Admiral Mahić is member of Union of Writers and P.E.N.Club in Bosnia and Herzegowina as well as member of Union of Writers of Croatia. He lives as independent writer and editor in Sarajevo., So far, he published fourteen books of Poetry – two of them are translations in French and Slovenian, while others are published in Bosnian language. He was awarded “Slovo Gorčina”, most famous Bosnian literary award, as well as “Hvaropis” award in Croatia (2012).

Last updated May 27, 2019