Counting my past.

Rolling back on a dusty road
Hoping you know my name, my word
That lasts a day or year or so
Shed my days, with joy you know!

Hoping you're my guest a day
A spot we fixed, and panics to stay
Still thoughts lurk growing too far
Our memories may grow and ever may last!

Showed my heart the days i love
Chanting your names, that all you know
Having my past with the days i love
Bonding with friendship along it'll grow!

Sweetest of days, i count my past
The days that grow and ever will last
That casts a shadow down my vine
Browns and blacks now down my spine!

Loved the windy days we had
With love i turn my days aback
Still my heart aches, to count the past
Coz, it's filled up with memories to last!

Still countless days for me to dream
The shadows you cast, now clears my way
Leaving my thoughts for a tree to spurt
I count my past in years and days!

Akshay Raja

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Akshay here! this poet has written 110+ poems and is still trying to improve his works. if you think my poems are well ( i think i need to improve those) pls dont hesitate to comment. also check my blog for my latest updates that's all folks!

Last updated April 26, 2012