The Window

I raise my head slowly
Old eyes peer through the glass
I see the leaves gently swaying
Fondly caressed,
By a soft south west breeze.
Rooftops baked in the sun
Shadows cast, as windows
Sparkle in reflection.
Higher and higher
I raise my gaze,
The heaven a deep blue wonder
Clouds yonder
Shaped by the wind.
I begin to remember and ponder.
Memories like dreams
Skipping through my mind
Frivolous or so it seems,
Good and bad ones I find.
My smile is gone,
Eyes close, and
Sadness descends.
My voice raises a song,
But it is only a lament,
In this old body spent.
So many regrets
Shivering in a cold sweat
So many lost loves
Who flew like doves
Into the heavens.
So many stolen
As life’s ending is spoken.
I lower my head slowly
Old eyes cast down dimly.
Shoulders sink in a deep sigh
My own journey will end,
With a last look to the sky.

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An inspirational writer whose roots are biographical as well as observational or experienced dealing with the dichotomous nature of human existence juxtaposing many of the elements of a contemporary culture. Inspired by Peggy Shannon my work encapsulated under a title of feelings and fate is dedicated to her.

Last updated November 12, 2017