Dinamita Knocked "Pacman" Out

The world witnessed the year's biggest bout
When "Dinamita" knocked "Pacman" out.
Marquez got his revenge and fought bravely.
This time around he won convincingly.

What's next now to our pound-for-pound king?
Will he retire from the world of boxing?
Why did he become reckless in this slugfest?
Is the fight between "Money" versus "Pacman" still the subject?

This boxing match teaches us many lessons in life.
It's not always about winning.
It's not about how you lose in a game.
But it's how you rise again after that painful loss.

I love Manny Pacquiao known as "Pacman."
But if hanging up the gloves is a better option,
Why consider it now?
Why would you risk your life for a boxing show?

I congratulate the winner Juan Manuel Marquez!
He fought a very hard fight tonight.
Therefore, I give you all my respect.


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Last updated June 21, 2016