When We Are Together

When we are together,
I remember the things we used to do.
We shared stories the first time when we first met,
Dining together at the classy restaurant,
Eating foods whenever we pleased,
Caring for each other like our last minute,
And going wild as beasts when we make love.
Then those loud laughter we have had
Until now, I still imagine and cherish.
Wow, how could I ever forget all these?

When we are together,
The flame of love is burning us
Like a third degree burn.
Our hearts beat as fast as
The speed of light,
And all our desires in life come alive.
Besides everything seems right and perfect,
You and I collide, yet together as one.

Altogether, we are like superheroes
You're a superwoman and I'm a superman
We can do anything we want
We can make a rainbow as bridge to the moon,
Stop the world from spinning around, and
We can rule the world.

When we are together,
Not all the things in the world are the same.
Look at the twilights of the sun,
It is shining so bright.
The stars, moon, birds, and angels from heaven
Are singing our names in the sky above.

When we are together, O dear,
All of our dreams come true.
When we are together, my love,
The whole world is ours.


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Last updated February 23, 2013