Sense of Duty

I shouldn’t be looking for you.
I shouldn’t be sailing across
thousands of mute and shapeless seas.

I shouldn’t attempt to reach you
throughout a furtive shard of Time.
I see you standing, proud and freed,
cradled by heavenly features,
shielded from forsaken graces.

I shouldn’t be following you
down on the track of ageless hopes.
They were smothered with dirty sheets.
They were silenced by candent ropes.

I shouldn’t be longing for you,
Though you’re my one reason to heave
My vows into secret shelters,
across the divide of beliefs.

You’re forging suns for every dawn.
I’m carving edges of winters.
Our souls collided senselessly.

I shouldn’t struggle to graze you,
All of the prints you leave and spread
In the wake of your innocence
Are wounds I inflict on myself.

I shouldn’t be waiting for you
behind the gates of your temples.
Still I linger, obsessively,
without a word, without a noise.
Keep on shining, peaceful and safe.
I watch over your mysteries.

Amandine Villard

Not much to say ! I've always loved poetry and it's always pleasant to see I'm not the only one :)

Last updated April 16, 2015