The open prairie of the eternal soul,
They who are diminished,
Yet no more,
Find some solace, meager as though it may be,
In the heart of the Ever Green Tree.
That strong being, like jade and stone,
Bespeaks strength, heart and spirit,
What it is, and its nature is unknown,
That which shines,
Most brightly
When the depth of human nature is shown.
It cannot be tarnished,
Nor can it be stained,
In all of us, Compassion is sown.

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I am an amateur poet and writer who began his works while 11 years of age. The poems which I compose are purely ones that express the depth, or character, of a certain substance or thing, and are a way of communicating my point of view through (mostly) figurative language.

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Last updated November 27, 2013