All what I need is freedom
But I never got without pain
Could you do me a favour?
Declare the world free
Elevate the poor
For they are weak

Aminu Ola Rasaq

Aminu Ola Rasaq's picture

Aminu Ola Rasaq is a creative poet and writer from Nigeria. He has been admired by renowned writers, academics as well as philosophers sensible to literary critique. Aminu is also a web developer, experienced scientist and essayist. His approach to human liberation is summarized in his Limericks poem released on 4th May, 2013, titled “Universe”. He believes human liberation has to be well understood by enlightenment of ideas and promoting the pen. He expressed that:, “Crises, oppression, wars, and natural disasters are like forces of nature, that is; gravity, force, and constituents of time-space curvature. Scientifically it has been observed that in the time-space fabrics bigger matter devour smaller ones and also this could be obtained in the ecosystem for which mankind is part of. For these reasons he believes oppression is devouring and concludes that oppression is part of mankind and is in evitable like the laws of physics”., This is why he expressed in his poem “it runs in the family of mankind”, titled universe, ref: ( It is also a chosen title for his yet to be released much awaited novel (ISBN-13:978-1484870457), He explained further that the only answered to overturn inevitable forces of nature is by improving the status of a lizard to march up with a lion., He has travelled to different countries and married with kids., From: Abuja, Nigeria., E-Mail:, Cell: +2348065843741

Last updated July 14, 2015