Ha girl! Up with the bowl! Give us our dawn draught And do not spare the wines of al-Andarina,

The brightly sparkling, as if by saffron were in them Whenever the mulled water is mingled with them,

That swing the hotly desirous from his passion When he has tasted them to gentle mellowness;

You see the skinflint miser, when the cup's passed him, Suddenly holds his prized property in derision.

O Umm ‘Amr, you've withheld the beaker from us- From right to right it should have been running-

And yet your friend, whom you deny the dawn-draught, O Umm ‘Amr, is not the worst trio,

And of surety the fates will overtake us Predestined for us, as we for them are predestined.

Last updated June 30, 2011