My Darling My Too Much Content

Progress —
I talk from behind a barricade of scatter cushions
I tell Rebecca I told the therapist I RESENT MY DADDY ISSUES
Rebecca says she’s probably heard that one before
My conversations are now schemes, I’ve been given a structure for the telling
I spend less money, but more time shopping
We have white lies to uncomplicate the outcome
I used to squeeze the nectar from fuchsias straight into my mouth
No thought for the flowers (I’ve come a long way)
I have this thing I need to say about my appetite
My grubby little over spender
It's almost erotic to almost buy
As a kid I dissolved into soundwaves
Hypervigilant to kinks in the air
I only just learned what that was
A kind of being adjacent to oneself
In a self-portrait you mustn’t flatter yourself
But I can’t help it if the palette of my aura is objectively lovely
I’m only just learning the extent of my emotional content
& how I embodied it
Before I go — indoor cat’s paws; cantaloupe; something blue

Last updated March 08, 2023