I behold beyond what the shadows can hold.
Beyond the standards of a fired mold.
Deep into the trenches where love seldom goes.
I plant the pedals of a song that grows.
The keeper swells with bitter envys.
Dancing alone on treads of memories.
He begs the future to greet him kindly.
To be set loose from bondage timely.
Who can break the restraints of iron?
That prey on hearts like a leaping lion.
One who has mastered my song of living?
Or one who lives to keep from dying?

I'm Andre Rodriguez. I have been writing for many years. The style and topics of my poems vary wildly, but I believe most have a spiritual overtone. I write about love, God, attitudes, observations and growing up. Poetry is a big part of who I am. I believe my writing defines me. If you wish to contact me or share work, my email is:

Last updated September 01, 2011