French kiss to knickers

French kissing your lips
with the very detail licking
and tasting, exploring and
touring but damn it's tile
flooring. Her magnificent
smile as I feel the squeak
of her pearly white teeth
and soft gum sandwiching
my tongue.

Wow to the sight of her
shape and the compliment
of silk french knickers
hugging her waist. Like a
silhouette sight through a
blue ocean's night like, wow
what a sight! Think between
the line as I'm about kiss
those hidden lips before
these teeth needs to rip
every thread and pull it down
while kissing the tone of
her legs.

Andrew Vassell's picture

Poetry I'm loving you, Poetry where were you and why didn't I love you when I, was first introduced to you? The last seven months I've, loved and lived you, almost like I ate and drunk you, slept, and breathe you. You speak to me magnificently, let me, use my imagination emotionally and sensually. When I'm, asked what inspires me to write, you simply say because, the love you've introduced my past life to., Poetry I speak your name but never in vain, I search the, depth of my soul to express you, you call my name so I, write you. You flow through me so fluently, like a non-stop, rainfall through a valley, so this love I feel for you is, unconditionally. I first learn you spiritually, through the, bible you teach your love clearly and plainly., Love through poetry I'll continue to write because, I'm loving the peace it brings to my life.

Last updated May 04, 2012