My Guardian Angel

by Angie Karan

In faith and prayer, in ode to you my loving God's Angel
You have always lit my journey's path greatest Archangel
From when I was young your wings kept me protected
Greatest Angel of my heart you were. In me you perfected
On days when I was down, you came to me showed me love
I felt the vibrations of your wings sent down from up above
You make my life heaven here on earth even on bad days
You know why? Believing in you I escape all needless craze
You give me great strength when trials and despair are near
.Lifting me with courage and sad thoughts simply disappear
That up above, is in me. That divine feeling lighting my way
In humbleness and prayer, and in awe I will live each day
For being forever by my side I thank you my guardian Angel

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Creating and writing through my experience in life ! Writing (quotes, poems, short stories) and also creating my own digital art, are my inspiration, it is something I put my heart and soul in to when I create them! I am aspired to helping others through these!

Last updated April 11, 2015