From Leesville and her Shore

by Anthony Sullivan

Falcon Trilogy II

I was there when I heard Buster died
And my Mam was in a battle , too
And on that fateful September morn
When the towers , they crashed out of view

I found my soul down at Leesville’s edge
And I lost my heart a time or two
Start countin’ the hours ‘til my return
At the sky’s first sign of summer blue , and

That’s where I should be right now
As the final hours of May
Awaken June once more
But this summer’s gonna burn me bad
I’ll do well to get through
The hurt it holds in store
Cos’ I’ve never been so far
From Leesville and her shore

I’ve known some stellar days roll on
From Mama Joan soundin’ her bell
With Paddy mumblin’ in the corner
‘Bout sendin’ it flyin’ straight to hell

They had that feel about them somehow
Like there’d always be more to come
But like fall in Cobber’s company
My Leesville years look over and done , but

Repeat Chorus x 2

Sat by it’s edge when I heard Buster died
And I let my heart dissolve in tears
The ritual of summer’s sudden end
And painful goodbyes said over the years
To friends stolen back by faraway lives
Worlds far removed from all Leesville could be
But there I could watch the sun set and rise
And relive at least every memory

But Leesville is only that now
Somewhere that I can’t be anymore
And I’ve never felt so far
From Leesville and her shore.

Pilgrim in the Heartland

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