Tastes Like Unconditional Love

How beautiful!
That cheese encrusted on my plate, I want it.
Scrape, scrape,
I lick it off my fork and
This is love.
Once again, I've been swept off my feet by
cheesy, unconditional love.
And I'll go back for more,
all the love I can get,
on a plate, in a cup, in a cone, down to the bone.
There is no one I turn away from.
I never turn away from love.
I long to be filled up with love.
Scrape, scrape.
Suck the last bit of love off.
I'll glide home aglow with my
sweet, cheesy, unconditional love.

April Bender

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Writing is a passion that has lived deep within my bones for as long as I can remember. I believe that while the written word may not always be pretty, it must be true and if possible, captivating.

Last updated September 06, 2011