One foot after the other to the phone.
My doppelganger is calling.

Stay away from the water walker.
He is deep where the dark bargain.

Striding the avenues of my veins,
traces of his footsteps map my arms.

Scratch the absence of an itch.
A tenebrous space for the victim.

There used to be a nothing for the empty.
Do not fall for the water walker.

He is steep in all his lightness, strolling
beneath my surface. There is always

a need. Reaching inside myself,
I give him everything. To be one again.

To march in the numb. Heavy silence
in the saunter. I move through the streets

of me. Dragging my feet into the blind.
Into his call, into the black.

In the endless stretch, intersections
spreading welcome to my surrender.

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Last updated June 15, 2011