A hole in my heart where you used to be,
Now overflowing with passionless tears –
Products of lustful blows that you gave me
Which made the plumes of passion plucked turn to fear.

Paper maché doll with a degraded soul
Is the hollow remains that you left of me,
But yet I know to you this is all a droll
And I mean nothing more than a mere flea.

Because of you, Eros met Thanatos,
And now he rots in purgatory
Where he’s stripped of his power, yet you toast
To the bludgeoned human being you made me.

Ice now imprisons my once benign heart
And my skin is ambivalent to your touch;
You contorted my face like it was art,
But now I’m free of your treacherous clutch.

You left with no scars, no remorse, no care,
But here I stand in a carcass that’s bruised;
You stripped my heart and soul and left it bare
And left me convalescent and abused.

My name is Ashley Seymour and I am 18 years old. I began writing at an early age and fell in love instantly. As a current high school student, I take classes focusing upon this aspect such as creative writing and journalism class. Typically, I write in metrical poetry because honestly, who doesn’t love to count the amount of syllables on their fingers? Many question the restraints of a metrical poem, yet I find it challenging and forces me to use vocabulary I may have not used if it was just free verse. Plain and simply stated, I love to write and I love to express myself through it.

Last updated June 10, 2011