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We are happy to see you visit this site. Our interest is in Poetry promotion, which means talking about writing and publishing. We’re here to Widen and Deepen the conversation about poetry, poets values and good poems. This site is dedicated to
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How? Through exchanging ideas, better understanding topics, interests and other points of view and engaging you to join the conversation wheter you are a poet, teacher, student or a poetry reader.

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  • An ever-growing Web poems library which now contains almost 34000 original poems from more than 2000 classical poets and over 1500 contemporary ones. They range from mini-docs on Nobel Prize winners to how-to’s for the new emerging writer.
  • Our Poets Live Biographies, where we bring some of the most prominent figures in poetry world to share their famous quotes and sayings with you, and hear what you have to say.
  • The Best Poems News – everything from poetry society day-to-day dilemmas to 3D social enhancement of Poetry presence + Some updates and thoughts regarding what’s going on in the world.

Educational Resources.If you’re into education, please visit our How to area, where we share some ideas about how to use our content to engage in teaching of subjects such as identity, peace culture, women literature and more.

Sharing and Collaborations. If you’re a poetry lover like us, Poet/Teacher/Publisher/Student etc., we’d be happy to share what we learned and help improve the poetry presence on the Web and use of New Media.

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