Flowers Love

A day butterfly puzzled around a pretty flower.
To sip a nectar of love from her.
Her sip aroused a foreseen plinth of own-ness.
Butterfly fluttered and fluttered gazing the sweet flower.
Flower held him strong and danced with the air.
They swung and loved they laughed and played.
The breeze cuddled them together.
They socked in rain but lived together.
Their love was unseen but a click to be felt.
A little time to spend but a dearer time together.
Lighting felt and drew them apart.
Butterfly yet could live but his love made him slick.
She shed her petals and wept.
The weep made them to believe a string knot together.
Butterfly slept on her eye drinking the nectar of love
Together they drew the lines of life
The moments they felt perhaps faint all the rays they saw alone.


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Last updated December 28, 2014