Still Life

An isolated glass has its own purpose
in the geometric frame of a
Bold young man's craft. Pointing
Out the lower left corner within the
Rhythm of the Cubist display a
Note in (the universal tongue) which reads
Tomlin, no doubt the seal of
The artist. I see a figure molded
Into the shape of a type of
Skull, while to his right a carnation
All lily white and like a pearl.
As his one eye sees nothing, not
Even the oddly stained floor --
I wonder if he thinks...
If he knows that there is a
Glass painted deep brown and
White and grey: while breaking
From a wire that dances through
A blue flame. Skying into
An olive green nowhere... A spotted
Corner having another purpose.
This is an odd place similar
In ways to this old apartment;
Warm in the effervescence
Of an always aesthetic craft. Isn't
It Shakespeare who remarks in concern
To the workmanship of a man and what
That man has accomplished in his
Work that like this art, in its
Mirror, or mind, in 1939?

Charles Morgan

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Charles Morgan was born in Washington, DC. He has published a collection of poems 'The Dancers and Other Poems' and a novel 'Good Friends' -- He has been working on a memoir and creating various approaches to visual art...

Last updated October 13, 2014