I’m done with your lies,
that you always tell.
I’m done with the way
you treat me like hell.
I don’t know how
much more I can take.
You put me down,
like i’m a mistake.
There is only so much
that I can look past.
Eventually the words I speak,
will be my last.
Because i’m done feeling pain,
it’s too much to bear.
I’m getting to the point,
that I don’t care.
I don’t care whether I live,
or whether I die.
I just want to be,
up in the sky.
Where I don’t have to feel
like this anymore.
I just want to be
at heavens door.
As I see the light,
and breath my last breath.
I feel it coming on,
my tragic death.
As I lay on the ground,
realizing you won.
I don’t even care,
because I am done.

I like to write, but it's not always good. I write to keep my mind off the catastrophes in the world, and to keep my depression from showing. But I enjoy sharing my thoughts with people. Hope you like them all.

Last updated February 23, 2015