This be a Verse

by Conor Keane

Some poems rhyme, others don't
Some poems have meaning, others won't.

But what they share, in way and form;
burst from a message, they are born.

Hacks will argue, about metre and pitch
missing the obvious with an oblivious glitch.

Poems need to say something, it's their way of living through
the stresses of being read and studied to a literary gruel.

Read into this slightly or overly;who cares?
A message needn't be clothed in language impared.

Here's a message so, and long may it stick.
In this life, please don't be a dick.

Obvious enough for you?

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Conor is a law student from Galway, Ireland who writes poetry, prose and fiction. His influences include Robert Frost, Philip Larkin, Stephen King and Simon Armitage.

Last updated May 26, 2011