Writing Down the Yellow

It starts with a yellow circle
that hovers and drifts –
a dandelion spiraling in the wind,
waiting for able hands to catch it.

A word appears,
then a voice repeats the sound,
until my hands find paper
and capture that first, fleeting image.

The pull of the poem is irresistible.
It is a literary addiction –
an affliction that will not leave me alone
until I write down the bones of it –
until my pulse ceases to race from the thrill
of following that elusive yellow circle,
teasing with the promise of completion.

Cristina Norcross's picture

Cristina is the author of 5 poetry collections including, Land & Sea: Poetry Inspired by Art with co-author Irene Ruddock (2007), The Red Drum (2008, 2013), Unsung Love Songs (2010), The Lava Storyteller (2013) and Living Nature’s Moments: A Conversation Between Poetry and Photography (2014) with co-author, Patricia Bashford. Her works appear in North American and international journals, such as The Toronto Quarterly, Red Cedar, Verse Wisconsin, The Moon Magazine, Your Daily Poem and The Nervous Breakdown. Featured in the Bay View Arts Guild exhibit, ARTiculate (2011, 2012), Cristina’s work also appears in the anthologies, Contemporary Women’s Literature (2007), Verse & Vision (2011, 2012), Sounds of Solace (2013), A Touch of Saccharine (2014), and The Ariel Anthology (forthcoming). She was the co-editor for the project One Vision: A Fusion of Art & Poetry in Lake Country (2009-11) and is currently one of the co-organizers of Random Acts of Poetry & Art Day. Cristina is also a contributing member for the Art Ambush Project. Cristina is the founding editor of Blue Heron Review (www.blueheronreview.com), an online poetry journal. Find out more: www.firkinfiction.com

Last updated August 25, 2011