These first few days of spring
Have brought a warmer sun
And, now too, the rain
That dripping from the roof
In early hours
Becomes a brief refrain of hope
For waking life along the path
Where willows wait and try to cope
With the expectation of
Your passing by that they might
Catch your glance
And spend the remainder of the day
In something of a trance.
Thus it is that time, that season
When the spirit wants to dance
And need not have a better reason.

darvin schroeder

Born Walcott, Iowa 04-12-1932, Graduated 1950 HS Davenport, Iowa, Enlistee USAF 4 yrs., BSME U . of Iowa 1960, Retired ALCOA 1986 -30 yrs. Engineering & Management, Widowed 1989 and 2017, Interests: Golf, Cooking & Baking, History, Biography

Last updated November 05, 2022