We left the town
Turning to a road that
Pointed to a thin slice of
Crimson sun just above the line
Where earth dissolved into the sky.

And saw the twilight moving carefully
Over the crowns and slopes of empty fields
All in white in the afternoon
Now changing hue to myriad
Shades of gray and blue.

Cast in perfect black detail
The trees both near and far against
The orange and scattered pink of
evening sky .
Darkening glades will wait upon the moon
For some relief from night.

Time then to think of home.
We will be there soon.

darvin e. schroeder

Born Walcott, Iowa 04-12-1932, Graduated 1950 HS Davenport, Iowa, Enlistee USAF 4 yrs., BSME U . of Iowa 1960, Retired ALCOA 1986 -30 yrs. Engineering & Management, Widowed 1989 and 2017, Interests: Golf, Cooking & Baking, History, Biography

Last updated September 25, 2022