About Praying

Praying, We Mostly Don't See People Pray Or They Just Don't Pray At All.

Praying Means That Your Praising Our Lord Our Father. Praying Always Gives You Blessings, It Always Solves Your Problems, It's Really Simple To Pray You Know, It Doesn't Waste Your Time But Playing Video Games Takes More Than 2-5 Hours, But Praying You Take Only 1-3 Minutes, Do You Still Prefer Playing Video Games Than Praying?. Have You Ever Prayed At Least Once?. Why Don't You Pray?. It's Easy, Just Pray Like This:

Our Father In Heaven,
May Your Name Be Honored.

May Your Kingdom Come Soon.
May Your Will Be Done Here On Earth,
just As It Is In Heaven
Give Us Our Food Today

And Forgive Us Our Sins,
Just As We Have Forgiven Those Who,
Have Sinned Against Us.

And Don't Let Us Yield To Temptation,
But Deliver Us From The Evil One. Amen Matthew:6:9-13

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Last updated November 11, 2014