Dog Burial

I watched an old man bury his dog today.
Last night she passed as quickly as she entered his life.
During the shadows of the early morning light,
He would stop the unearthing every few moments;
Looking for a stirring or sign of life

The Sun rose higher, the heat intensified.
So digging in earnest, judging the grave,
He hurries now, lowering his friend to the bottom.
Carefully placing wads of clay about her frame,
No man should have to pass on this chore.

The old dog lay still as stone.
Surely the hope of awaking is hopeless.
No resurrection could encompass her now.
He knows how careless he was with her devotion;
To late now, the Family now shrugs and says,

“It was nice she went easy”
How careless we handle our family and dogs
Only days before scolding her childish folly…
Not considered each wag, wimper and pawing.
To have reconsidered each rebuff,

A tear or two now blurs his vision
The sod is mounded high a rock marks the spot
A vision of dust begins choking his heart
As he considers her devoted, undaunted enthusiasm
Of just being part of his life

David Freemont McCready

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David was born in the middle of the great depression in semi rural Pennsylvania. Those times influenced his perception of reality. Even today, after raising his own family, austerity has a lingering effect on his work. Over the years he and his family have resided on the East and West Coasts., now retired to his birth site. There is much to say in detail; however, in the grand grasp of time David has been devoted to innovations in science literature and history. Music to David held a source great personal accomplishment, as a performer on piano and bass violin. When asked about science David will respond about quantum theory and man’s eternal relevance to the cosmos. A favorite poet, Robert Frost, and a favorite painter, Winslow Homer, contribute to David’s style in the same discipline. When asked about history, David will tear down the current revisionist propaganda propagated by the unspoken agenda of academic ideology. D.Freemont paintings and literary works are from mind to canvas believing that copies, will interfere with the mind’s eye.

Last updated October 07, 2022