Take me to that land of Imagining I said,
Where sorrows in a graveyard, lay buried and dead.
Where a state of peace and no cares exists,
And no one or nothing, my will where resists,
Not time, not God, not a person or thing,
Take me to my world of Imagining.

Take me to that place where I can sing,
Loudly, my heart out, with none there mocking.
Take me there where I have no inkling,
Of what life is, or any other thing.
Take me to that land of zero worries,
Where my bidding to be done, everyone hurries.

Take me to that place, where I'm happy always
Where everyone for my good, to dear God prays.
Take me away to that distant peak,
Where I am myself, yet my self I may seek.
Thus to my heart, and I think 't understood,
For then when I slept, I dreamt o' childhood.

Dhananjai Raja Kuttikad's picture

I know not what I write, for I write what I know not.For thus I have much to write of. For i know naught.

Last updated July 05, 2011