The First Rains!

Killing a summer of humid heat,
giving those lovers a joyful treat,
in joyous torrents the first rains they come,
breaking the virgin wind's swaying hum.

They lash out! They lash out, like whips that sting,
but whips cause pain while these joy bring.
And the sky from fiery to dark grey when turns,
for this simple joy, every heart yearns.

Like sorrow that ceases when washed down by tears,
like tears of joy when good news one hears,
the sorrow is washed down, the summer is dead;
Time to come out of your homes and get wet!

So forget what you're doing, and come outside,
look at the skies and spread your hands wide.
Lay off your troubles and forget your pains!
Get wet! Get wet! in these first rains!

Dhananjai Raja Kuttikad's picture

I know not what I write, for I write what I know not.For thus I have much to write of. For i know naught.

Last updated July 05, 2011