Jesus Greets Janis

He waits patiently at the Gates of Heaven
pleased with his sunset-hued, tie-dyed robes.
She stumbles in rubbing bloodshot eyes behind
her rose colored glasses, sure this is another
bad trip or a batch of bad bourbon.

Jesus smiles, grabs his guitar and plays
a couple of familiar riffs crooning, take it,
take another little piece of my heart now baby….
then signals for the angelic chorus to join in,
The seraphim really get down for a wild welcome.

Janis, not one to be denoted, wails back,
Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz….
After a flying ovation, she realizes
she is not with the Kozmic Blues Band or
Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Work me, Lord, she whispers to Jesus,
looking for a stage and her psychedelic Porsche.
Jesus hands her a shot of Southern Comfort,
a drug free zone pin and a golden harp.
She plucks a few strings and sings to the Messiah

I Need a Man to Love. It’s only about love here,
Jesus assures her as wardrobe fits her for a halo
and wings. Jesus whips out His Hohner harmonica.
Together, under the big sky dome, they belt out,
You know you got it, if makes you feel good….

Dianalee Velie

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Dianalee Velie lives and writes in Newbury, New Hampshire. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, and has a Master of Arts in Writing from Manhattanville College, where she has served as faculty advisor of Inkwell: A Literary Magazine. She has taught poetry, memoir, and short story at universities and colleges in New York, Connecticut and New Hampshire and in private workshops throughout the United States and Europe. Her award-winning poetry and short stories have been published in hundreds of literary journals throughout the USA and Canada. She enjoys traveling to rural school systems in Vermont and New Hampshire teaching poetry for the Children’s Literacy Foundation. Her play, Mama Says, was directed by Daniel Quinn in a staged reading in New York City. She is the author of three books of poetry, Glass House, First Edition, and The Many Roads to Paradise published by Rock Village Publishing in Middleborough, Massachusetts and a collection of short stories, Soul Proprietorship: Women in Search of Their Souls, published by Plain View Press in Austin Texas. They have also published her fourth collection of poetry, The Alchemy of Desire. She is a long time member of the National League of American Pen Women.,, Note: Dianalee was the Chairperson of the non-profit Velie Memorial Fund established to build the wonderful children’s playground that now exists in Newbury, NH to honor the memory of her daughter-in-law, Currie-Hill Velie and her two grandsons, Joseph John Velie IV and Jack Jasper Velie.

Last updated June 18, 2011