Coffee bean necklace

Dark moon that glows upon a troubled heart
Don’t struggle to find your path, faith is not for everyone
Why cry because you didn’t love me, if I didn’t love my beloved friend

Sour the taste of coffee- It brings back sweet memories
But who are you? Nothing but a cup of cold coffee in a cold day
You’re worthless if your love is not for me
You’re tasteless like a coffee bean necklace that is only for adornment
Faith is not for everyone. Yes, I know!
But I can see the moon, and it tells me more than you will ever do.

How dare you not kiss my lips you foolish piece of my desire?
How dare you let the moon glow and not have you by my side?
No more questions, no more, you coffee bean necklace that is only for adornment.
I will wear you on my neck to find comfort… to find refreshment.


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Last updated April 22, 2011