imitation is suicide

like pictures of the world,
express a sense of the heart
made of a myriads
and other ways
in which words
can possibly become
states of the matter

they open
like an umbrella

they are absorbed
by my reflection,
the head death
that dives into
the mouth of possibility

if the form of chance splits,
we pass for what we deserve

we own our hearts-
black with mold,
sick of the light-
like the totality of structure

we must erode differently:
imitation is suicide


Elidio La Torre Lagares's picture

Elidio La Torre Lagares has published four poetry collections, two of which are available in electronic format: Vicios de construcción (Construction Vices) and Ensayo del vuelo (Flight Rehearsal), which was awarded with the Julia de Burgos National Poetry Award in 2008 in Puerto Rico. He has a short story collection, Septiembre (September), awarded by the Pen Club Puerto Rico in 2000, institution that also recognized La Torre’s first two novels, Historia de un dios pequeño (Tale of a Small God, 2001) and Gracia (Grace, 2004), as the one the best books published in their respective years. His latest novel, Correr tras el viento (Chasing the wind), was successfully released as an e-book late in 2010, ranking number 4 among Amazon Kindle’s best selling list for thrillers/ mystery in Spanish. He currently teaches Creative Writing at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.

Last updated March 01, 2013