Do You Hear The Angel Speaking?

by Faye Diane Kilday

Do you hear the angel speaking?

Do you hear her heavenly voice?

Do you hear the song she's singing?

Will you help her to rejoice?

Do you hear her when you're weary

and find it hard to cope?

Do you hear her inspiration and

her messages of hope?

Do you hear her voice of wisdom...

as timeless as the sun,

The messages she speaks today

she's spoken since time begun.

Angels are more than fairy tales,

They're messengers from above,

Sent by our creator to guide us

with their love...

And although I've never seen one,

I hear them all the time...

Within each poem I write...within

each verse and rhyme;

Because you see, I'm just a channel

that they use to speak to you

To give you inspiration and to give

you guidance too...

For angels really do exist and they

are always near,

And if you read these poems aloud

then you will truly hear...

Messages from heaven...messages

from above...

The beautiful voices of angels

guiding you with love!

© Faye Kilday 2000

Last updated May 02, 2015