My Whine

Where are you looking while I am here

Just listen to me and feel my music, O ! My Dear
Say something to me and give me some care
Today I feel, something is missing to share

Now it's your turn to give me a stare

Sit by me and touch me, so to make some fair

Set yourself close to me, at least, for a while

Get me this way and don't put me on more trial

Here's me too true and real but having lost my style

Around and with the world I get comfort but not smile

It looks all for nothing without you and your shine

It yells here 'Ram' within, My Heart, just hear my whine

You know, now the wait too, wants to be over

Aura, all the around, calls you to be closer
Come, sit and be with me forever however
No other thing can quench my thirst so ever

Yeah, here's I, waiting for you with my guitar

Stop the all and just come, let's play with soul

Enjoy the music singing thyself with my soul

Your arrival will give me the song, I'll do the whole

There will be the only One, making the whole.

Ghumakkad Agantuk Ram's picture

Ghumakkad Agantuk Ram is an Indian poet and author, natural philosopher, researcher and wanderer. He is the founder & director of the foundation- Jivan Srijan...Aao Sanwarein Jindagi. Ghumakkad Agantuk Ram is born Ram Prakash Sharma, as per documents, in the city of the Taj - Agra in the state Uttar Pradesh, India. Publicly he is known as Ram. Ghumakkad Agantuk Ram is a title he bears as his pen name. When he started to write, he took this pen name and now it is the identity of him for all., With the excellent track of his academic journey he earned Bachelor of Science, Master of Science in Physics and Bachelor's Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering (The Institution of Engineers, India) while Masters in Philosophy is on pursuit. Along with this all his versatility holds the experience of teaching too. He has taught about one thousand or more students during his one of the educational initiative "Education ! free of fee" which is now conducts under the umbrella of his foundation - Jivan Srijan...Aao Sanwarein Jindagi., Being an educationist by his profession, he is mainly involved with literature world too. He is greatly influenced with Osho & Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan during his wandering and research for the universal truth of the life. He writes Sufi, love and realistic genre mainly. His writing style is always devoted to expose the prevailing prejudices in the society and has the only purpose that Human beings should be aware of every curse that has been poisoned the humanity so that they can overcome of them being aware of what is the truly very best and right for their prosperity., His Articles and Poetry Creations, Stories have been published in many national & local magazines, newspapers in both English & Hindi languages. His first Hindi Poetry Book is in the press. His first announced novel is "Love kills strongly...Really I was killed".

Last updated August 28, 2012