Eyes For Love

Whoever lost both eyes,for love?

Samson did. His golden hair tied to the pillars of her whet,

darkness turned wet, and kept bleeding all over. That was not

the least, one did for love.  Who killed  the father

and bloodied horses in the  battles of the soul

and blinded himself when he knew love's bitter end

had slaughtered the seed's beginnings? To be blinded for love

and wander without it, is not new. That'll always be.

And now who lost both eyes, thinking love ,immaculate,

would appear?

Though you did not even know it,

You, did, and I,

yea, everyone.

The Zong

Gopikrishnan Kottoor's picture

Born (1956), Trivandrum, Kerala, India., Winner, All India Poetry Prizes, Poetry Society, India-British Council Awards (96, 97, 98), and other leading poetry prizes. Poetry published in Ariel (Canada), Orbis (UK), Nth Position (UK), Bluefifth Review (UK), Toronto Review (Canada), The Illustrated Weekly of India, Kavya Bharati (India), Fulcrum (USA), Verse, Seattle, (USA), Indian Literature, Arabesque Review, Plaza (Japan), Chandrabhaga (India), and others. Founder editor, Poetry Chain. Participant, MFA, Texas state University, (2000) Poet in Residence, Augsburg University, Germany (2004). Important works : Poetry : Father, Wake Us In Passing, (German Translation, Wolfgang Heyder) A Buchenwald Diary, Mother Sonata, Victoria Terminus, Poems Selected and New (2010). The Coloured Yolk of Love (2012). Drama: Fire In The Soul The Mask of Death. Novel : A Bridge Over Karma (Novel). Poetry included in The Bloodaxe book of Contemporary Indian Poetry In English, The Golden Jubilee Anthology of Post Independence Indian poetry In English, and Poetry Society, India anthologies.

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