End Of Time

Those random moments
That take a big place in my mind
I thought they meant nothing
But I realise that I was blind

Now I know
And I can't let go

I need you more than anything
You're the meaning to my feeling
I'm sorry that I was pretending
My aching heart, that I was defending

Now I'm calling out but you're so far
I know you'll hear me wherever you are
When you left, you left a scar
That turned into an emptiness, so bizarre

I know this life ain't permanent
For every start there is an end
I'll breath for you and then I die
But my love will live till the end of time...

October, 2013

I am Harshitha Sri. I am 18 years. I am doing my 2nd mbbs. I've been writing songs and poems since I was 12. I love to put my feelings into words... It gives me joy and peace. I've written poems like "Man", "One mistake", "End of time" etc..

Last updated November 04, 2013