Just for you

Life is creeping along
Motivation found in every song
Brought up to positivity
Tore down like insanity
The song got strong
I was climbing along

Needed some mouth to- feed
Motivation was the greed
The brains impulse could not lie
The tool of sunshine came by

Brainstorm with good revelations
Soon I will do my celebrations
Nerves trigger the volcano
Is there negativity?

Situations pressure consumes me
I have found my treasure
Life with good respiration
Thank you school of education

I cry out loud for humanity
I found my true insanity
Knowledge of common life
The beauty of sacrifice
Analyze this!
I am no wiz

Whom it may concern
My poem you earn
Knowledge above all
Threw me against the wall

Living in a world of grey
You’ve lightened up my day
Inspirational pencil penetrate
The open hole
Gives breath to your soul

Orators spoke sincere
The light is near!

The highest mountain-foam
Creation of a poem
Right here
And everywhere shall be
Come feel the burn in me
My plea for eternity
And all
So swell!
No concern!
Don`t dwell!
My heart burn!
Right here with you

The foam of love is true
My poem is just for you

Heidi Ek

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I started writing in my teens, but made my first book in this year 2013. In Norwegian and English

Last updated June 29, 2013