Survivors of war

We who have lived through the horrors of war
And have seen human heads severed by saw
Still shudder and wince when a balloon just pops
We lived through these terrors, no laws and no cops

Compelled to watch as your folks they condemn
Butcher, roasted and eaten by them
We had to smile or would share the same fate
This was a complete circle of hate

The suspicion we learned just drove away trust
Show your kilo of rice, and you got a knife thrust
So we grovel in fear
Year after year

We trembled with feared when People were near
We again feared when no one else we could hear
We feared when our little babies cried out aloud
Even though we were in a noisy crowd

As horrors and fears slowly seeped down in us
We hid all our sorrows, we hid our distress
But we are no cowards, we lived through a war
At the sound of a bullet, we just take the floor

the book Fragrance of Poetry from Africa

Last updated April 09, 2011