A Moment

When the twinkling star teased at our silence,
When the firefly silently approved our presence,
When we got drenched in a flood of moonlight,
When the cliff on the horizon shined bright,
When your hair began to dance with cool breeze,
When you spoke only with your eyes,
When the time stopped moving,
When there was no tomorrow, only the moment was prevailing.

Be it a moment, so what?
Cherished it, from core of the heart!
A tryst pampered by kind nature-
A wink, a smile, a touch, a whisper,
And a moment to remember,
A moment.....
That leaves an everlasting impression,
A moment......
That doesn't come along very often.


A working professional in an Engineering firm, who was born in a countryside of India. His poetries primarily talks about life, emotions, relationship and nature.

Last updated August 29, 2013