Abducted by Aliens


Similar to lying on an operating table
the anesthetized grizzly bear
lies in a stupor upon the ground,
drugged and hallucinating.

These alien-like creatures surround him.
Probe him, measure him, and open his mouth.
Measure the teeth and look at wear.
Tattoo his inner cheek.

Stretch a ruler on his paws.
They weigh him.
Stick a needle in him
drawing blood for DNA.
Take a urine sample
Surgically implanting a GPS unit inside him.

They back away from the bear.
The bear stirs and shakes off the Dream
But the Dream won’t shake.

The bear thinks to himself,
“I really was abducted,
Prodded and probed.
Shot with a strange gun.”

The bear runs off in the woods
And tells all his bear friends.

The other bears say,
“Hey, we told you not to eat those magical mushrooms.


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Last updated April 09, 2011