The Rhythm of the World

This morning in Aleppo
Was bloodshed
Gunshots, RPGs,
Bomb blast
Like the achaba suicide bomber
Of Kaduna
A little boy in Syria is running
To escape the shrapnel of
The shooter’s shells and mortars
A disillusioned almajiri is planting
Local explosives in a church
Somewhere in Borno.

My bedroom receives
Fresh percolation of sun rays
Early morning sun rays

It reminds me
How we used to sing do re mi
A female deer
A drop of golden sun
A name I call myself.

But where have they all gone?
The songs
Where have they all gone?

Idiong Divine's picture

Idiong Divine is an internationally acclaimed author of poetry, short stories and nonfiction., Divine holds a HND in Mass Communication from the Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi. He has studied to acquire a PGDE in the University of Port Harcourt. He has undergone relevant trainings in several institutions like the Zaria Business School, Zaria, the Pan African University, Lagos, Association of Project Management Group England, Standard Organisation of Nigeria, Document Management Institute, Boston etc. He has received numerous certifications in media, business management and education. He is proudly Nigerian, from Eket in Akwa Ibom.

Last updated July 14, 2015