Bitter sweet

by Ivan Donn Carswell

The events
of September 11th
2001 remain bitter sweet;
as well as 2973 innocents
confirmed dead (with their 19
terrorist murderers) there
are still 24 persons
to be accounted for.

It was an insane act
of calculated violence,
deplorable in that it defeated
lucid belief, horrific in every
rational sense except
its immediate impact.
You ask how that
is bitter sweet?

The facts are too
enormous to contain
a sweetness while the pain
endures, but we can surely
find a common purpose
in our hour of grief,
and just revenge is, oh,
so incredibly sweet!

Don’t let the terrorists
beat you with their threats,
this is not religion working here,
it is perdition. Slay them with your
thoughts of vengeance, tear out
their scraggy beards
and strangle them with jeers
in public streets.

Stone and blind their
bloodied eyes with
grinding truth and bode
their loathsome epithets
with vaporous claims
to martyrdom, expose
their naked lies, compromise
their useless lives.

And when they whine
what hypocrites
we are, smile and say
respectfully, you’re next
Mohammed, while you’re
still a terrorist.
© I.D. Carswell

Last updated May 02, 2015