Uncommon common sense

by Ivan Donn Carswell

The other day I listened to a man on the radio
who made uncommon common sense, ‘specially since
it was an interview on ABC’s noon talk-back show.
He was a Professor, of what I hadn’t heard,
but for once the words were plain and clear – the host,
bless the dear, didn’t interfere or ask inane questions
or try to assume intelligence she didn’t have. She directed
the man’s responses to issues with urgent consequences
for our future, and the World beyond; he wasn’t selling
anything, just making comments, and as if on cue
went along paths I would have wanted had I scripted
the event. His specialty was never clear (sure, I could guess)
and his choice of words in speaking common English meant
he didn’t need to hide in a faculty chair, or reside
in an international research group funded by self-interested
multinationals, his coup was expertise in rational and common
sense. He gave me confidence someone, somewhere
has a road for us to follow that is not obscured in techno-babble
and inference, has a sustainable tomorrow without
the nonsense politics we currently endure. We like to pride
ourselves in pure and rational thought, not the gobbledegook
of politicians fraught with keeping up appearances, or worse,
their gravid, greedy eyes fixed on the fiscal purse. So if there
is a way out of here, and we’re to be beneficiaries,
it is time to trade the woods for the trees and the
Liberal’s hearse for a hand-drawn cart. And that’s
way too smart for our Pollies to understand!
© I.D. Carswell

Last updated May 02, 2015